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My Service Experience- Madhavi Dudani

Hey Everybody! I am an 12 year old Student who generally loves helping somebody in any kind of way. I recently got to know about IVolunteer through my school. I started 2 services ‘Once Upon A Time’ & ‘I Am A Social Media Junkie’ with my team mate and friend Ragini Negi. Today i will […]

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Volunteering grooms you!!

What happens when one picks up a job which he doesn’t want to but manages to complete it with a victorious grin?? The job becomes the most cherished memory of life for that one. So was the case for a rural volunteering project which was thrown at me in a remote location with limited hands, […]

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A Day at Lakshyam

Tom Thomas- an Academician with a background in Hotel Management, was the perfect choice in leading the Seva Sandwich Activity at iVolunteer’s Impact GupShup- a quarterly volunteer meet. Here’s how he feels about the experience!  In a small basti near the urban locality of Vasant Kunj, there is an NGO working for the development of the […]

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10 Qualities that Non Profits look for in a Volunteer

Holding a Volunteer Manager position is not easy! We deal with motivations, agreements/disagreements and expectations of volunteers and non-profits on a daily basis. The highs and lows of each project result in many a lessons learnt and many ignored. Volunteers must never make the mistake of believing that non profits are ready to take just […]

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Why do individuals volunteer?

As an individual who enables volunteering and guides volunteers it is always interesting to know what motivates an individual to volunteer. I am of the firm belief that a volunteer delivers when the decision is taken by the individual  at a conscious level. Basis experience, reading and  what some fellow volunteer mangers have to say […]

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Scribbling of a Volunteer

Writing is my passion and profession too. But as I sit here thinking what to write about iVolunteer, I experience this overwhelming feeling, with so many thoughts and memories rushing back that I don’t know how to begin and from where. Few weeks back, I attended the Impact Gup-Shup (Volunteer Meet) at Ugrasen Ki Baoli […]

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Volunteer Globally!

iVolunteer Overseas (IVO) is a joint initiative of iVolunteer and VSO. This program gives you, qualified and experienced professionals, the unique opportunity to work in countries in great need for your skills. The remuneration is modest- that’s why the term used to describe these placements is “volunteering assignments”. A volunteering assignment is an incredible avenue […]

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Together we can do so much!

800 Synopsys employees, their family and friends participated in day-long, youth-focused volunteer events across the globe for their first ever Global Volunteer Week, from May 11-18, 2013. Of these 102 employees volunteered on May 11, in Bangalore in an initiative enabled by iVolunteer’s Corporate Employee Volunteering Programme team. Volunteers teamed up with 125 students from […]