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My Service Experience- Madhavi Dudani

Hey Everybody! I am an 12 year old Student who generally loves helping somebody in any kind of way. I recently got to know about IVolunteer through my school. I started 2 services ‘Once Upon A Time’ & ‘I Am A Social Media Junkie’ with my team mate and friend Ragini Negi. Today i will be sharing my experience on both of these activities.

Once Upon A Time- This is a activity where i read 11 stories for helping children who could not read properly. I started this on the 7 of August. i started by making a list of some Panchatantra and Aesop fables which i would read. I read the stories loud to my microphone. my plan was to read at least one story each day, but some days i did fail and the next day i cached them up. i finished reading all the 11 stories in 12 days. overall it was a great experience for me as i personally improved my vocabulary and speaking skills which can also be applied to other places.

I Am A Social Media Junkie- In this activity i created 11 posters/artworks on social causes. i started this on the 20 of august by creating the list of causes i would work on. as i am an traditional/digital artist i already had a few artworks on some social causes so i used them. For the other few i started by creating thumbnails to show what my idea will be. Then i started creating the actual pieces. i finished this activity by the 31st of August. creating these developed my art skills and also my knowledge towards these topics. i also learnt that we should not just create these but also use them in real life. Here i am attaching a few of my favorite artworks.

alcohol addiction
gender equality

I hope you like these as much as i enjoyed doing them.

overall my experience with i volunteer was superb and i a looking forward to help in bringing a change again.

Thank you


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