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“Effective Communication” by Sujata Mukherjee

GYAN (Get Your Answers Now) sessions are technical clinics that aim to improve the Employee efficiency of organizations in the development sector. On 30th of May 2018, a GYAN Session was hosted for Non Profit Organisation in Kolkata; wherein Hope Foundation, Prajaak, Tomorrow Foundation, Adore India, SKC and Anwesha Kolkata participated. This session was primarily […]

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Increased role for CSR would instantly transfer into increased engagement of employees

Shalabh Sahai (SS), Co-Founder & Director, iVolunteer is an alumnus of the prestigious Rural Management programme at IRMA. Dismayed at how oblivious skilled professionals were to the languishing social sector, iVolunteer came into being and made professional, skill-based volunteering a reality in India. The first and perhaps only one of its kind, iVolunteer is a social […]

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How I polished my GYAN with GYAN+

As a person, I enjoy learning things – online and offline. Marketing, Branding, Project Management are some of my favourite areas of learning. Being in charge of managing training programs for non-profits in Bangalore, it often doesn’t give me the chance to simply participate in these sessions. And here I was, at the GYAN+ training with […]

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The Most Important Thing – Brand Your Organization

The 5-day GYAN+ programme organised by iVolunteer, Mumbai in collaboration with the Singapore International Foundation from 27th February to 3rd March 2017 on “Management Skills Training For Social Sector Project” was excellent. Subjects covered like Theory of Change, Project Management, Branding, Marketing & Communications and Leadership are highly useful to NGOs. Such programmes would help […]

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Thank You!

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and market it, then you have created a productive entrepreneur!!  True to this essence iVolunteer runs a program called GYAN,  or, Get Your Answers Now – short technical sessions on themes critical to NGOs for their capacity building, effective functioning, […]


Let Your Picture Tell Your Story

Why is photograph so important and different? What makes it so special than a poem, a song , a painting or a sculpture? Photograph documents reality in an instant, using light and time to reproduce a moment, as it is perceived. This is what makes photography one of the most important methods of documentation of […]

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I Contributed MY Skills. Do YOU?

Pradeep K Banerjee founder of MindZone, he is master life coach, graphologist, consultant and leadership motivator. He has been a key participant in several Organization Development initiatives. His roles have invariably been at the strategic forefront of seminal industry defining changes initiated in this journey. His coaching focus is on the senior leadership level Here he shares his experience with us. Tell us something about […]

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If YOU can’t do good for others, YOU can’t do good for yourself!!

Ejaz Ahmed, is the sub-editor of The Beacon, a Kolkata city based e-magazine promoting art, culture and heritage of Calcutta, essentially bridging the gap between today’s ‘social media’ generation and the plethora of cultural gold mine in the city. He has been associated with British Council Kolkata and Alliance Francais du Bengale. His primary interest is in the field […]

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How I got LinkedIn …

I first learned about LinkedIn when I had passed out of my post graduate program. I was excited and spent good amount of time setting up my profile. I wrote a few recommendations for a few of my classmates and they returned the favour. From then now I got hooked looking up people’s profiles with […]

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The Magic of Volunteering!!

Like every individual who intends to volunteer, I had some inhibitions too when I agreed to volunteer for GYAN on ‘Volunteer Management’. Having served at various roles for 8.5 years and a background of volunteer management didn’t add to letting off my fear and nervousness. The ‘yes’to taking the workshop was soon followed by constant […]