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Paint the world of children from an Orphanage

What has 2 thumbs, painted palms, smudgy paints on their clothes, a satisfied smile and an urge to do good for the society?  A volunteer at our painting activity! 🙂 62 power packed superheroes put on their metaphorical capes and heed our call to paint the world of children from an orphanage home. What followed […]

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Everyone can be a Santa!

Ongoing winters are predicted to be harsh in Delhi. Children from orphanages and shelter home lack warm woollens. This winter, 24 santas put their heads, hearts and hands together to fundraise INR 40,500 and distribute woolen caps, socks, gloves and winter lotions and creams for 120 children from DMRC Children Home, Tis Hazari. The excitement […]

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20 yr old creates App for free children books

As startups and parents get crazy about kids making Apps, heres a student’s real experience volunteering to create an Android App for Thinksharp Foundation providing free books for children and delivering massive social impact.

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There is always something good that comes out of the worst of situations . 2020 was a terrible year for the world in many ways. People lost their jobs, their loved ones, nations grappled with economic insecurity and distress. And hopefully everything is on the mend. I sat down to reflect upon the year gone […]

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My Service Experience- Madhavi Dudani

Hey Everybody! I am an 12 year old Student who generally loves helping somebody in any kind of way. I recently got to know about IVolunteer through my school. I started 2 services ‘Once Upon A Time’ & ‘I Am A Social Media Junkie’ with my team mate and friend Ragini Negi. Today i will […]

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Recycling at home to combat lockdown blues

A Broken Picture Frame Repurposed as a Jewellery Hanger I should have taken a “before” shot of this picture frame but i actually forgot to! I’ve had this photo frame for a while, it has been lying around broken. I did not want to get rid of it because it is so beautiful. A few […]

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Superheroes without capes but with masks and gloves!

The lockdown meant 24 hours of home confinement. It meant locks on offices and factories. The roads deserted. The bazaars silent. There were no hawkers vying for your attention. There are no corner shops hosting small addas This silence has brought gloom to many. And it has been dreadful to those without savings, scary for […]

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What Volunteering in Rural Sunderban taught me! – Mohanee Dammu

With a zeal to look into the school lives of tiny tots in the muddy lanes of hingalganj, we went en-route to the place by iVolunteer The journey started, almost everyone unknown to each other. The Volunteers varied from a 60 yr old aged woman to 10 yr old small kid, everyone enthusiastic enough to […]

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Two life-transforming techniques!

We fully believe that in order to be successful at anything, we must have a vision or goal, and do daily habits or activities in order to build up to that goal. We also believe that if it isn’t in the schedule, it doesn’t get done. So it is very important to choose habits that […]

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When there is a Will, there is Way!

Volunteering is an art of giving wherein persons share their contributions to benefit the sections that require it most. Today, we are going to introduce you to our valiant finalist in Volunteer Hero category of the iVolunteer Awards 2019, who has shuddered each root of obstacle to support the joys of others, Rajarshi Debnath. “I […]