Corporate Social Responsibility

 Is Volunteering Good for your Mental Health?

We live in a world where happiness is seen as a destination. A world where mental peace and stability is often overshadowed by high paying jobs, responsibilities and the urge to get ahead. Another aspect of life that is often ignored and also one, which makes us human is service.  “I slept and dreamt that […]

Impact Volunteering

Volunteering- a way to give back to society!

Our volunteer from Pune – Ms. Shobha Javalgikar, who is a trainer and counselor,speaks about her volunteering journey with iVolunteer. Shobha is helping an NGO in Pune for translating  their communication material. Let’s see what she has to say about iVolunteer. “It really gives me pleasure to speak about iVolunteer. iVolunteer is playing a pivotal […]