Giving Back: Discovering fulfillment in Service

As someone who is passionate about education, I always try to find ways to contribute towards bettering the lives of those who lack access to quality education. Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part in a conducting a teaching session of Maths for children who were from slums, orphans or who had to […]

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Paint the world of children from an Orphanage

What has 2 thumbs, painted palms, smudgy paints on their clothes, a satisfied smile and an urge to do good for the society?  A volunteer at our painting activity! 🙂 62 power packed superheroes put on their metaphorical capes and heed our call to paint the world of children from an orphanage home. What followed […]

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Prepping for Virtual Volunteering!

Covid-19 has changed the way we look at things, it has given a new meaning to the things that we presumed were important, to relationships, to the way we work and to life, overall. It has certainly changed the way we can volunteer. Though volunteering as a concept has been in existence for ages, the […]

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20 yr old creates App for free children books

As startups and parents get crazy about kids making Apps, heres a student’s real experience volunteering to create an Android App for Thinksharp Foundation providing free books for children and delivering massive social impact.

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There is always something good that comes out of the worst of situations . 2020 was a terrible year for the world in many ways. People lost their jobs, their loved ones, nations grappled with economic insecurity and distress. And hopefully everything is on the mend. I sat down to reflect upon the year gone […]

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Making virtual volunteering work – Aarti & Shalabh

Experts share useful tips on boosting employee engagement and corporate volunteering programs with partner NGOs as the world goes virtual during Covid times.

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Nostalgic Moments | Sachin

The world is facing a pandemic and the whole nation is under lockdown to break the chain of Covid-19. We are caged in our homes for our own safety, and for the safety of others. Our offices are shut, social gathering is not allowed and we cannot go out to have quality time with our friends or families. At this […]

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Superheroes without capes but with masks and gloves!

The lockdown meant 24 hours of home confinement. It meant locks on offices and factories. The roads deserted. The bazaars silent. There were no hawkers vying for your attention. There are no corner shops hosting small addas This silence has brought gloom to many. And it has been dreadful to those without savings, scary for […]

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A Marathon for a Cause!

People volunteer for various reasons – they feel good about working for a cause close to their heart; they have a sense of achievement having contributed something beneficial to the community; they make new friends with common interests; they feel happier, healthier and useful; they feel mentally stimulated and volunteering provides a sense of purpose […]

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What Volunteering in Rural Sunderban taught me! – Mohanee Dammu

With a zeal to look into the school lives of tiny tots in the muddy lanes of hingalganj, we went en-route to the place by iVolunteer The journey started, almost everyone unknown to each other. The Volunteers varied from a 60 yr old aged woman to 10 yr old small kid, everyone enthusiastic enough to […]