Giving Back: Discovering fulfillment in Service

As someone who is passionate about education, I always try to find ways to contribute towards bettering the lives of those who lack access to quality education. Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part in a conducting a teaching session of Maths for children who were from slums, orphans or who had to […]

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Transforming not just buildings but DREAMS

Education has always been a focal point in anyone’s life and so it is for the people working towards social change. Education is not just limited to language, books, syllabus but it has so many different aspects and so the area of work is equally vast iVolunteer, a pioneer in volunteering has always tried to […]

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How iVolunteer Awards has impacted my life!

Winning is a great moment because it’s a recognition and an affirmation of the fact of being & doing right. The pleasure of the award – to me, my family, friends, colleagues, and teammates – has nonetheless been very real. The award has further bolstered my voice on how beneficial volunteerism is, not only for […]

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Volunteer Globally!

iVolunteer Overseas (IVO) is a joint initiative of iVolunteer and VSO. This program gives you, qualified and experienced professionals, the unique opportunity to work in countries in great need for your skills. The remuneration is modest- that’s why the term used to describe these placements is “volunteering assignments”. A volunteering assignment is an incredible avenue […]