Citizenship Volunteering in India

Everyone can be a Santa!

Ongoing winters are predicted to be harsh in Delhi. Children from orphanages and shelter home lack warm woollens. This winter, 24 santas put their heads, hearts and hands together to fundraise INR 40,500 and distribute woolen caps, socks, gloves and winter lotions and creams for 120 children from DMRC Children Home, Tis Hazari.

The excitement on the faces of the children to interact with the bhai didis was evident as they peaked through classroom number 2 which temporarily functioned as the “Santa warehouse” and buzzed with the elves drawing cards, wrapping presents, organising snacks. The intermittent bob of a head sneaking in to ask “Aap sab kya kar rahe ho?” or request “Mujhe bhi sikhao card banana” made our hearts warmer than the woolens ever could 🙂

Each child was also gifted a personalised and handmade greeting card made by our creative elves. Greeting cards were also made in the name of the donors to ensure each token of love was hand delivered to the children. We also distributed snacks and thanks to a few volunteers a surprise of toffees, pencils, toys, juices and more.

Cards with names of some of the donors

The volunteers also organised a series of games such as musical chair, newspaper folding game, etc while the staff shared the story of the children & the Home along with giving us a tour of the Home. Witnessing the friendship, competition and joy of just being themselves made the children in us come alive and widened our smiles a bit more. 

Volunteer elves at their job

Priyanka, one of our elf volunteer shares, “This was my first experience with iVolunteer and I’m so glad I went for it. Meeting the kids was a pure delight, everything from making the cards for them to wrapping each gift, playing games with them to just spending time talking to them was all so amazing and truly gratifying. It was a very well managed and executed drive. Also, it was an absolute pleasure interacting with all fellow volunteers and being part of this beautiful community. Look forward to more such opportunities!”

Shreyasi, who enjoyed facilitating games for the children shares, “It was the true spirit of Christmas at play, when we played Santa to so many kids that day. It was blissful to see the smiles on their innocent faces. No wonder Santa is always so cheerful.”

Kin, another volunteer who played a crucial role in fundraising for the winter kits shares, “The joy of giving is truly the greatest joy in life. When you give love to others you feel truly loved within. That is what this experience was all about. Although I was not able to go to this event I could feel the love and kindness the volunteers and the children shared. To know how one such act of kindness and generosity can help someone’s life is truly gratifying. Even the people who donated were happy that this money went to such a good cause and asked me to tell them again if any such event occurs. Although I have not met the volunteers I am sure you all have good hearts and a feeling of duty to help people who really need it. That is why I am truly humbled to be part of such an event even if I just crowd funded. I wish to participate in more of the same. Life is truly fulfilling when we help others instead of being self-centered. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️”

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