Corporate Social Responsibility

Two faces of a coin

Head and tail are two faces of a coin which are totally different; I also experience same kind of difference while conducting my first activity with one of our volunteering partner, NGO based out some rural area having their beneficiaries. In our day to day activities we use English as primary language for communication but on the other side there are peoples for them speaking or understanding English is a nightmare.

While discussing with the Ngo I ask them what kind of activity will seek interest of beneficiaries as well as it help to grow their knowledge so they said if some activity related to English  got conducted then it will be really helpful for their beneficiaries.

After discussing with NGO, I have plan to conduct “E se English” Activity which cover ESL Games: Simon Says, Pictionary, Hangman, etc. I have shared activity deck with our volunteers who carried out the activity. This activity planned as a virtual activity so I have also setup meeting on zoom with 2 breakout rooms.

On the day of the activity we had a group of volunteers and beneficiaries who had joined activity on a zoom meeting. It was an interactive activity in which volunteers presented activity deck and explain tricks/games so that beneficiaries can learn and enjoy activity.

After the activity, I received feedback from beneficiaries that they enjoyed learning English words, puzzles and games. It was a first wonderful experience in learning English with easy tricks and techniques also they want to conduct us such kind of activities in future. Ngo also expressed their interest to conduct such kind of activity with their teachers also so that they can also improve their learning and teaching skills for the betterment of their students.

Experience: So my experience with this activity is that rural areas are too much deficient in skills and knowledge because of lack of resources. This will be really helpful if more and more volunteers will deliver more sessions to students virtually or physically. These activities are very important as it keep them interested to up-skill their knowledge and shape a foundation. I am very inspired and felt satisfied that I made a difference by arranging such activity. I will be very happy if the world become same for everyone.

Happy Volunteering 🙂

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