Corporate Social Responsibility GYAN GYAN+

The Most Important Thing – Brand Your Organization

The 5-day GYAN+ programme organised by iVolunteer, Mumbai in collaboration with the Singapore International Foundation from 27th February to 3rd March 2017 on “Management Skills Training For Social Sector Project” was excellent. Subjects covered like Theory of Change, Project Management, Branding, Marketing & Communications and Leadership are highly useful to NGOs. Such programmes would help NGOs to empower their Management Leaders as well as Employees to become better professionals.

Problem Statement Of Mr. K N Nair – Day 1 Of GYAN+

In fact, I had gone to the programme with a serious problem that “Our NGO is unable to get the right people as Employees/Committee Members/Volunteers”. After the programme, I realised that our real problem lies in the lack of branding activities in our NGO.  We have never done any publicity about our activities and as a result, right people are not attracted towards our NGO.


Mr. K. N. Nair : 


Our prostrations to the Singapore International Foundation and its great Trainers as well as the Management, Staff Members & Volunteers of iVolunteer who organised such a wonderful and highly informative programme! We convey our deep sense of appreciation and gratitude to each one of them!

We look forward to similar programmes in future also.



Credits: NADE India

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