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Aarti Madhusudan: #PowerInYou

Aarti - #PowerInYou
Aarti Madhusudan: #PowerInYou

Apart from being the founder of Governance Counts, an initiative that helps strengthen the Boards of NGOs. She is an alumnus of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore and has worked both in India and abroad on the subject of good governance. Within iVolunteer, she has founded and runs an initiative called ‘Whiteboard’, that brings senior level corporate professionals together as a group to provide advice and strategic guidance completely pro-bono to NGOs in their cities.


In a recent discussion with her, we asked her questions on Gender equality and women’s role in the society, and this is what she had to say:


  • What inspired you to make the decision of getting into the social sector?

I was inspired by my Grandfather since he was associated with the Freedom Movement and also my school played a huge role because of which I chose to be in the social sector.


  • How difficult is to manage your professional and personal life since you work in the social sector?

It isn’t difficult at all since it was my choice and decision to work in the social sector!


  • Would you recommend other women to also work in the social sector?

I would not recommend anything to anyone, mainly because, people should be driven by what makes them happy! They should make the choice to follow their passion and take responsibility for their decisions


  • What is your definition of #PowerInYou?

I always wanted to be free. So #PowerInYou for me means Freedom! I would, however, like to say that we need to have better role models for men to look up to from a gender sensitive point of view.

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