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I Contributed MY Skills. Do YOU?

Pradeep K Banerjee founder of MindZone, he is master life coach, graphologist, consultant and leadership motivator. He has been a key participant in several Organization Development initiatives. His roles have invariably been at the strategic forefront of seminal industry defining changes initiated in this journey. His coaching focus is on the senior leadership level


Here he shares his experience with us.

Tell us something about your move and interest to the development sector?

Many factors are attributed to the sluggish growth of skill development sector in India. Industry experts and policy academicians have been forewarning the world governments for long about an impending skills mismatch epidemic. There are two reasons which are of primary concern. Firstly, the demographic dividend is becoming unfavorable and secondly, there is an employability deficit in terms of what the education institutions provide in the curriculum and what the industry actually requires. The former is prevalent in developed nations while the latter is prevalent in developing nations.

Sustainable development requires balancing the needs of present and future generations and has become rapidly growing global concern. Three critical factors-economic, ecological and social-take a central place in the discussions of growth. For the purpose Leadership Development skill plays a major role. Leadership is not an attitude it’s a direct contribution to the society. Leadership is to learn to lead self.

I’m performing in this sector as a professional for long years for prestigious organization throughout the country namely, ITC InfoTech, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Baja Capital, SKF, DVC, QH Talbros, Mitsubishi Chemicals, HCL, Venkatesh Films.

iVolunteer connected me to share my skills in the organisation like Dr. Reddy’s Foundation, Tiljala SHED, Seva Kendra Calcutta

How did you know about GYAN & what motivated you to volunteer for the initiative?

I got to know about GYAN from iVolunteer’s Relationship Manager – Md Tanveer. The entire Volunteering project communicated is to develop the service mentality with proper knowledge which in large benefit the society and this motivated me to come forward and contribute my skills.

How was your experience of taking the GYAN session? Any take ways for you as a volunteer?

It was an inspiring experience conducting GYAN session. The participants were energetic and were with open mind to enlarge their knowledge as a Leader in their respective field of working/servicing. As a volunteer the positive attitude of the participants inspire me a lot to conduct more sessions of its kind.

Now working as a professional in this sector do you think the GYAN approach to training is beneficial in the sector?

Obviously the GYAN approach to this training is really beneficial to the person, concern and the society at large.

Would you recommend GYAN to volunteers as well as NGO’s? If so Why?

I will definitely recommend GYAN training to the NGO’s because they are the group who are directly linked to the development process of the remote citizen for their social, economical and ecological development. To work in this sector the volunteers of the NGO’s must have an approach to develop their leadership skill to lead those remote citizens towards a new thought of development and of course to my friends to be trainer and lead session.

ThankYou for reading!

Group snap taken post GYAN session


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