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Bollywood Dancing at Don Bosco Shelter Home!


23 year old Sai Joshi discovered a very unique way to spend her weekend. Before she would ideally meet her friends or stay at home, but since a month now on every weekend Sai Joshi has been teaching Bollywood freestyle dance to the boys of Don Bosco shelter home.

Sai, an HR professional always wanted to do something good for the society. When iVolunteer briefed her about the summer volunteering programme she was really inspired. “This has been my first volunteering experience and it has taught me a lot. The kids here are very talented and enthusiastic. I have learnt more from them than what I had come to teach and I would love to relive this experience again,” said Sai.

Untitled - CopyAt iVolunteer we understand that summer vacations are crucial times for young children. With so much free time in hand, they can be exposed to various risk based situations. Therefore, we have designed our new campaign ‘Summer Volunteering Program’ that will enable you to create a fun, learning atmosphere this summer with the support of volunteers.

The boys at shelter Don Bosco belong to families who cannot take care of them, or who have run away from them or have none. From their education to their stay everything is taken care of till the age of 18. There is a sense of belonging in the kids as they eat, pray and stay together. The shelter home is a power house of great energy & talent.

17 year old Vishnu wants to become an animation director. He has even made a complete book on the film that he wants to make.

Ram who is just 7 years old wants to become a Police Officer. The sincerity in his eyes makes you believe that he will positively grow up to become one.

Engineer, dancer, doctor everyone was prepared with an answer when asked about what they want to become when they grow up! Discussing about life stories and passions, their friends and enemies, their day-to-day activities within a few hours we became an integral part of their beautiful journey.

Sai & I realized that our skills and passion can actually change the lives of people around us. Though we spent very little time with them but, the experience of volunteering was very fulfilling. – Srishti Jhawar

Like this project, we have a ton of innovate, fun and impactful volunteering projects!

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