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If YOU can’t do good for others, YOU can’t do good for yourself!!

Ejaz Ahmed, is the sub-editor of The Beacon, a Kolkata city based e-magazine promoting art, culture and heritage of Calcutta, essentially bridging the gap between today’s ‘social media’ generation and the plethora of cultural gold mine in the city. He has been associated with British Council Kolkata and Alliance Francais du Bengale. His primary interest is in the field of writing (fiction and non-fiction), literature, International relations and social development. He is a travelling ‘writing skill’ developer, currently based out of Kolkata and has been selected to represent Bengal in the esteemed ‘International Citizen Service’ program by the UK government

On 11th January 2016, he conducted GYAN session on “Blogging and The Art of Writing”. Here he tell us his experience – Happy Reading!!

Tell us something about your move and interest to the development sector?

I have been involved in the social development area since a year and a half now, of course, it has been an integral part of my life as the family I belong to has always been there for the needy and I’ve grown up seeing my father and grandfather going out of their way to help the deprived ones. During the floods in my hometown, Murshidabad, everyone including myself helped provide food for everyone in and around the village. In terms of recent contributions to the society at large— The magazine I work for has, at its very core ethics, to do good for the people in general; wherein we’ve helped break many stereotypes ranging from working with sex workers to children living in slums.

If you can’t do good for others, you can’t do good for yourself.

How did you know about GYAN & what motivated you to volunteer for the initiative?

I came across the GYAN initiative via Tanveer; we met at one of Kolkata’s reputed NGOs’ event and henceforth our interaction has mostly been via emails and that’s how he introduced me to this noble initiative which I am honoured to be part of. My core areas of expertise are Writing and Life Coaching and I couldn’t think of anything better than this to put my valuable skills for the common good of the society at large.

How was your experience of taking the GYAN session? Any take ways for you as a volunteer?

The workshop was undoubtedly a brilliant experience for me as It gave me the opportunity of honing someone else’s writing skills. It is something the NGOs need in their day to day activities, especially when they need to raise funds, host events and write to prospective donors/sponsors. From a volunteer’s perspective, I’d want the sessions to extend into a course rather than a full speed one-day workshop as I think learning is a continuous process which is best served in small doses over a period of time.

Now working as, a professional in this sector do you think the GYAN approach to training is beneficial in the sector?

Yes, I do believe this is a good initiative. However, since Writing is diverse and a never-ending paradigm, it would be great if the workshops are either extended into short courses or a number of days.

Would you recommend GYAN to volunteers as well as NGO’s? If so, Why?

I would endorse GYAN unequivocally to one and all. Given the plethora of problems breeding in the society, which the NGOs try and find a solution for, the hustle of everyday lives of social workers hardly ever permits time for self- learning or harnessing their own resources which have tremendous potential.

GYAN is a great initiative for NGO’s to harness their own human resources in ways more than one.

Group Snap – 11th January 2016 | GYAN Session on “Blogging and The Art Of Writing”

Thank You.

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