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Why do individuals volunteer?

imagesAs an individual who enables volunteering and guides volunteers it is always interesting to know what motivates an individual to volunteer. I am of the firm belief that a volunteer delivers when the decision is taken by the individual  at a conscious level.

Basis experience, reading and  what some fellow volunteer mangers have to say I am listing down the  three points that form the basis of volunteer motivation.

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  • Career Development – As soon as the summer vacation strikes, there are lots of messages and calls to us from parents and students on volunteering opportunities available in town. Doing a one month internship does look good on a CV, isn’t it ?  The volunteer would discover hidden talents that may change his /her perception towards himself. Moreover the individual gets a professional experience.

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  • Community Feeling – A sense of being a community or nation is something that drives individuals. They perceive themselves as being change agents in their community. This is a form of altruistic behavior and individual is happy that he or she can contribute in their own little way to society.
  • Cause – Sometimes the social cause is so pertinent that the individual is prepared toimages (2) volunteer in order to bring change. It is always easy to get a volunteer for education. This comes from the fact that most people think education is the root cause of many social issues. You will find volunteers up and running for environment too.

I believe that there are more factors that motivate an individual apart from the ones mentioned above.

You might also wonder “What is the motivation of an ideal volunteer?” It is as difficult as question as the chicken and egg situation. However the most important point is that there is a motivation and an individual wishes to volunteer.

You need to give the volunteer what they want and set the expectations and deliverables right up front and be assured that his/her volunteering stint is for sure a home run J

Never turn down a volunteer but channelize their positive energy basis their motivation, as they say different strokes for different folks.

If your motivated then click here to Volunteer !!!

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