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Why do individuals volunteer?

As an individual who enables volunteering and guides volunteers it is always interesting to know what motivates an individual to volunteer. I am of the firm belief that a volunteer delivers when the decision is taken by the individual  at a conscious level. Basis experience, reading and  what some fellow volunteer mangers have to say […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Volunteering Volunteering Volunteering in India

“Experiencing the greatest kind of joy” – Umang Johri, an Impact Volunteer

Like lakhs in our country, I’m also an engineer. And like thousands of those engineers, I’m also preparing for my post graduation right now. It’s true that whatever preparations and studies I am doing for post graduation are going to have a fruitful long-term return, but still, hours spent on going through books, thousand pages long, […]

Impact Volunteering Volunteering Volunteering in India

Volunteering to Impact

Whether you are a home maker, an entrepreneur, a working professional or student looking to power social change, step up and volunteer because your skills can change lives. Register here Non-Profits looking for help in one or more of these areas may write in to us at