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Vikram Buddhiraja- Full time Corporate professional+ Part time Blogger + Weekend Volunteer creating Impact!!

I am a Supply Chain Management professional with a graduation in Mechanical engineering from National Institute of Technology. My daily job revolves around providing supply chain solutions and catering to the needs of power plant projects. I am married and blessed with a lovely son. He’s soon going to be one year old. In my […]


GYAN Workshop on Social Media for Non-profits- Participant’s appreciation

“A workshop on Social Media? Do YOU need it?” This was the reaction of someone near and dear, when I said I was attending one. Considering that practically anyone (this includes a wide range of ages) who uses the Internet is on at least one of the SMs (Social Media), I was not too surprised […]

Impact Volunteering Volunteering Volunteering in India

Volunteering to Impact

Whether you are a home maker, an entrepreneur, a working professional or student looking to power social change, step up and volunteer because your skills can change lives. Register here Non-Profits looking for help in one or more of these areas may write in to us at