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Heroes are made by the paths they choose…

“When everyone else is silent about wrong someone has to raise their voice for the right. We can be that voice”, says Kushal Tanna a Mumbai based graphic designer by profession, an artist at heart and a HERO! Kushal began his volunteering journey developing a website for a Mumbai based Non Profit that rescues victims […]

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Why do people volunteer?

“I’m an engineering graduate from a middle class family. I studied both at a Government run school in a village and at a high profile school in Chennai. The difference in quality of education between village and city schools impacted me a lot. This influenced me to take up volunteering while I was in still […]

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“I got lost in volunteering for 3 days!”

Volunteer Hero Selva Ganapathy is back! Selva received an opportunity to participate in Points of Light’s conference on ‘Volunteering and Service’ at Atlanta USA, one of the world’s largest gatherings on volunteering when he won the Volunteer Hero Award earlier this year. This award was sponsored by Deutsche Bank. Here he shares his experiences and […]

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Link it to LinkedIn

We have been told a million times over and it has been proved beyond dispute that volunteering benefits a volunteer! Volunteering leads to meeting new people, growing your network, polishing your soft skills and even acquiring diverse skill sets. In today’s social media savvy environment however, it is almost imperative to showcase these skills you […]

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Volunteer with your loved ones❤

Last weekend my niece and nephew helped me clear up a small garden patch in our housing society, uprooting thorny shrubs and creepers. They now use this clearing to play cricket and badminton. Each time they are thanked for cleaning up the place they are thrilled! They may have not realised it but we volunteered… This got […]

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Volunteering to Impact

Whether you are a home maker, an entrepreneur, a working professional or student looking to power social change, step up and volunteer because your skills can change lives. Register here Non-Profits looking for help in one or more of these areas may write in to us at