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Why do people volunteer?

“I’m an engineering graduate from a middle class family. I studied both at a Government run school in a village and at a high profile school in Chennai.

The difference in quality of education between village and city schools impacted me a lot. This influenced me to take up volunteering while I was in still in college.” KartheeVidya

KartheeVidya quits Cognizant
The post announcing his decision received 14,000+ ‘Likes’ & 1,000+ ‘Shares’

Karthee Vidya, Volunteer Hero 2012, is the founder of an amazing volunteer run nonprofit – Team Everest. He  has chosen to chase his dream of promoting volunteering, full time 🙂

I was delighted by his announcement and I’m sure so were many others who have interacted with him, and know what an ardent volunteer he is. The response his post received says it all…

(Read more about KartheeVidya here)

But why did KartheeVidya choose to volunteer?

What motivates people who are balancing hectic work schedules and family life to volunteer? We chat with a few volunteers to find out..

Darshan, a marketing professional says, “I wanted to try something new apart from my routine life and volunteering to help with social media marketing for an NGO seemed like a refreshingly good option.”

A full time corporate professional, part time blogger and weekend volunteer Vikram is also blessed with a lovely one year old son.

Despite numerous demands on his time however he decided to take up volunteering about a year ago and since then there has been no looking back.  He says, “As a supply chain management professional my daily job revolves around providing supply chain solutions and catering to the needs of power plant projects.”

“It was always at the back of my mind though to give back to society… But I kept procrastinating! Then, one fine day, I decided to search for a community service activity on the web where I could contribute on weekends. That’s how my volunteering journey began.”

Reena a professional working with KPMG Bangalore who primarily volunteers on skill based projects adds,”One should explore skill based volunteering projects like Marketing and H.R.  These  projects do not take much time but the experience and exposure one gains, certainly adds to your resume!”

Still wondering what in it for you? Here are a few reasons ‘Why’ you should consider volunteering.

 Give a little gain a lot

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