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Heroes are made by the paths they choose…

“When everyone else is silent about wrong someone has to raise their voice for the right. We can be that voice”, says Kushal Tanna a Mumbai based graphic designer by profession, an artist at heart and a HERO!

Kushal began his volunteering journey developing a website for a Mumbai based Non Profit that rescues victims of human trafficking. He is not able to pinpoint that exact moment when his commitment to the cause led him to transcend volunteering from skill based projects to actually accompanying the Non Profit team on rescue missions.

Kushal Tanna, Finalist iVolunteer Awards
Kushal Tanna honoured at the iVolunteer Awards ceremony

Since then however, there has been no looking back. His family and friends are concerned about his safety, but Kushal assures them that he will be careful and continues to volunteer. He says, “50 million people today are stuck in world of modern day slavery and there is a need for people who are willing to do things to change this… ”

Like Kushal, Kesavan Selvaraj also took up volunteering by signing up to help with a website development project. Based out of Bangalore, and working as an Architect with IBM he was introduced to volunteering as part of their employee volunteering programme.

While working on the website for Aishwarya Trust he found out that approximately 9 out of 100 babies are affected by Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). Many of whom succumb to this disease because of the lack of awareness.

Experiencing the joys of parenthood with his son and the realization that Mrs. Chitra, founded the NGO after she lost her three year old daughter to the very same disease deeply influenced his volunteering journey.

He says, “Every parent knows the pain of watching your child suffer from any ailment or disease. I met someone

Kesavan Selvaraj

(Mrs. Chitra) who is helping many parents, relieving them of some trauma caused by watching their children suffer from Congenital Heart Defect (CHD)… That’s how I too began calling her ‘AMMA’ (Mother).”

Kesavan continues to volunteering at Medical camps and uses platforms like the 4K Run to spread the word and do his bit in saving young lives.

Kesavan and Kushal are not alone; heroes are living in every nook and corner of our vast nation.

From college students and working professionals to retired people, volunteers of all ages are partaking in astounding acts of kindness and bravery.

Saluting this spirit at the iVolunteer Awards ceremony actor Abhishek Bachchan said, “Every cause is worth volunteering for… I believe actions speak louder than words and if each of us does our duty and volunteers in our own capacity, we can go a long way.”

About the Awards:

The iVolunteer Awards celebrate, reward and promote volunteering in India. We have set out on on our third annual  campaign to bring to light stories that inspire by example.

3 replies on “Heroes are made by the paths they choose…”

I really liked work by everyone but my cell phone is dumb cannot log in to vote for a long time for everyone from previous year I have faced several threats and attcks after I boosted my work in my own way. Keep up the good work this award is not the end we have a long way to go. Global Peace and Happiness for every living creature on earth. Small thought by a very tiny soldier of this big force fo dedicated people who are working for change.

You are a winner, you are a battler, never ever give up in life. Do not stop moving forward and upward, nomatter how difficult and trying the journey may be, no matter how small your steps might be. The moment you stop moving/growing you start feeling helpless and frustrated. The only way you can feel in control is when you put your energy and focus in moving forward, in never giving up. You’re a capable, strong soul, connect with your strengths and potentials – it is strengthening and freeing – you can do it, get up and start moving, only in the direction you choose, not what others expect of you.


I know it is written that my friends are conscern about my safety but let me make it clear I dont have any friend at Mumbai. All friends I have made at mumbai are in recent days. If my rival says that he is conscer about my safety well he is jelous of my progress. Because even today my maximum supporters come from north south east and partial west say gujarat and rajasthan also from some parts of Madhya Pradesh. Number of supporters I have at Mumbai can be carried in a Bus. Even today I have people keeping eye on me that I might not go out ahead of them. So please do not ask my friends about my safety. They want me to die like a dog. I have very few friends at Mumbai now. Let me make it very clear and thats the a fact cannot be changed.


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