Corporate Social Responsibility

Together we can do so much!

800 Synopsys employees, their family and friends participated in day-long, youth-focused volunteer events across the globe for their first ever Global Volunteer Week, from May 11-18, 2013.

Of these 102 employees volunteered on May 11, in Bangalore in an initiative enabled by iVolunteer’s Corporate Employee Volunteering Programme team. Volunteers teamed up with 125 students from an orphanage cum school run by Need Base India to paint, repair and refurbish it.

Four groups consisting of an equal number of volunteers and students took up one of the four major tasks; i.e. Painting, Cleaning, Gardening and Setting up a library.

Synopsys -Corporate Employee Volunt

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow…

Volunteers full of hope and cheer were met with equally hopeful and very energetic young people who helped plant a garden and beautify their surroundings. After all what better way to #GoGreen than Grow Greens!

View pictures of Volunteers ‘Greening it up’ here :

blog - Synopsys 1

Volunteers also brightened up the premises inside – out by painting butterflies, rainbows and various colourful designs using shapes and stencils that the children themselves helped them draw and cut out.

See the volunteers and children in action here, visit:

blog - Synopsys 2

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