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A Day at Lakshyam

tomTom Thomas- an Academician with a background in Hotel Management, was the perfect choice in leading the Seva Sandwich Activity at iVolunteer’s Impact GupShup- a quarterly volunteer meet. Here’s how he feels about the experience! 

In a small basti near the urban locality of Vasant Kunj, there is an NGO working for the development of the under privileged- Lakshyam. Living in Delhi NCR (Faridabad for most part of my life), finding the location was a bit of a task. After being religiously helped with directions- I reached the place. Unable to locate the center , I met a 10 year old boy Abhishek and asked for directions to the school. “Aapko lakshyam jana hai, chaliye main aapko le chalta hun, main bhi wahi padta hun” was his cheerful reply and walking for around 2 minutes through the basti we reached the venue.

The volunteers were a mixed bag of individuals

A small office room, followed by another room with wooden chairs neatly placed around the walls  (having murals )and floor covered with rugs. Students sitting on the rugs were waiting patiently (most of them were girls with few boys). As soon as we entered, everyone greeted (in a chorus) – “Good afternoon!!! “ (Reminded of our good old school days, all the innocence, when we used to greet our teachers)

By the time introductions were over with children all the volunteers had arrived, everyone carrying with them some materials for a Sandwich Activity.

The group of people present were a mixed bag of individuals coming from different professions , some were College Students , Academicians , I.T guys, people working with NGO’s etc but all of us had a connect instantly ( I guess that is what the phrase “like minded people” is used for)
After an ice breaking session (as most of the volunteers were meeting each other for the first time),the iVolunteer team (Rubitah & Priyanka) introduced all the volunteers to the SEVA SANDWICH CAMPAIGN AND IMPACT GUPSHUP.

During the Impact GupShup- volunteers discussed topics ranging from “measuring impacts of volunteering to dos and donts of volunteering”. Those who have finished projects with NGO’s narrated their experiences. After the discussion everyone presented their view point and very good results came out from these discussions. (It was heartening to see college students taking their time out on a weekend to be present there & leading the discussions. Being from an academic background I come in contact with lots of students and the way these students are channelizing their energies for activities like these, I must say-we have a great future ahead & we can all proudly say “ache din certainly aane wale hai!!” )

After the gupshup- with lots of zeal and energy the sandwich making started. Students of Lakshyam helped us in the activity; sandwiches were shared with the students, with each volunteer getting time to speak to the students and getting to know them better.

Volunteers and kids made sandwiches together

The sandwich making was followed by some singing sessions with the multi talented students of Lakshyam (Gosh those students are talented- thinking what I used to do at the same age). They even performed a Nukkad Natak for us on saving natural resources.

Being my first impact GupShup , I really enjoyed the day , made some new friends , got inspired listening to people  who are giving their time and skills for the under privileged and who all have passion to bring a little change in the lives of others.

Impact Volunteers from Delhi
Volunteers from the event

As Salman desperately wandered for a kick in his latest flick (had to get him in this blog- brings glamour) , I feel this event would have certainly given a kick  to some of the people who came by. Surely gave a big one to me….!

Volunteers with the kids of Lakshyam!

Big thanks to Lakshyam & iVolunteer (Rubitah & Priyanka) for making it happen (can’t forget to mention you guys :))

By Rubitah Mathew

Just an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams, passionate about bringing a change in any small way.

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