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Scribbling of a Volunteer

On the left- Namrata Joshi- An Impact Volunteer

Writing is my passion and profession too. But as I sit here thinking what to write about iVolunteer, I experience this overwhelming feeling, with so many thoughts and memories rushing back that I don’t know how to begin and from where.

Few weeks back, I attended the Impact Gup-Shup (Volunteer Meet) at Ugrasen Ki Baoli in Delhi, the perfect heritage backdrop destination that was nothing but an absolute treat – meeting old and new volunteers cum fast friends, playing fun games and most importantly, reminiscing about our volunteering experiences. For me, the moment that triggered this journey of reminiscing began when Rubitah (an amazing girl with the iVolunteer team whose first response to almost any problem is a ‘smile’ – trust me, it always helps) asked us in the beginning, “What is iVolunteer?”

Like a reflex, I suddenly started talking, and here is what I said.

ME: “The official meaning of iVolunteer is that it is a social enterprise that offers a platform for NGOs and volunteers to come together and work optimally for the welfare of the society.“

(And I wasn’t anywhere close to ending it)

“But personally, iVolunteer stands for this unbelievable opportunity that gives each volunteer a chance to meet people who are tirelessly working every day to bring about a change in the lives of the disadvantaged. When a volunteer contributes even a tad bit to such dedicated and driven individuals and organisations in the social sector, one realises how extensively time and skills can be put to good use and really make a productive difference.”

After volunteering with several NGOs, one thing I know with utmost confidence is that instead of helping them, help has been extended to me with innumerable life lessons that have compelled me to evolve as a human being. Thankfully!



The big question always remains, “How can I help???” And I am most grateful to iVolunteer for constantly giving me so many inspiring and soul satisfying answers to that.

Following is the link to a volunteering project I did in the Summer of 2013, and without a doubt, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. 🙂


One reply on “Scribbling of a Volunteer”

Yes, volunteering is great and it will be one of the achievement that you would ever wanted & remains throughtout your whole life to remember. It is giving something to someone who is in need of this. Volunteering can be done in various ways – teaching in school and child care,visiting monastery for english teaching activities, visiting orphanage home, helping in sanitary areas for construction and many others.


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