Corporate Social Responsibility

Colour Speaks Louder than Words

I came across iVolunteer organization through internet. I have been associated with them from past six months and have worked on various project organized by them. Today, I will be sharing my experience over “Revamping the Nutrition Rehab center – Panna”.

Panna is a small district in Madhya Pradesh which is also known as “The city of diamonds” because of its diamond mines, as well as it is famous for ancient and beautiful temples, national park – tiger reserve, socially and geographically it rich and diverse, yet it has its own short coming.

Malnutrition is one of the biggest setbacks in Panna district, iVolunteer in collaboration with Koshika launched a project to revamp the national rehabilitation center located here. Since the rehab center majorly focuses on malnourished children and women who are kept under observation for 14 days and they make sure that they recover by having nutritional food and medicine. Also, they focus on educating them with the benefits of having nutritious food. Team Koshika came with a creative idea to paint the
walls of the center, as these colourful walls will help children and women in recovering faster by uplifting the emotional well being and iVolunteer supported. Even psychologist advocate that warm colour and painting uplift the emotions of the people, so the theme for painting walls revolved around
what Panna district is famous for such as mountains, diamonds, wilderness and tigers. Along with that we painted the walls with what type of vegetables, fruits and grains they should eat, why mother milk is important for the child and basic sanitization steps they should follow. The main objective was to bring awareness among the people of the Panna.

This project was successful because of the iVolunteer team who dedicatedly worked for four days and support we received from Koshika team. It was a great learning experience considering this was my first outstation volunteering project. In the end, I would like to thank Shahnawaz and iVolunteer for giving me this opportunity.

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