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Volunteering Matters!

We all know that we should always attempt to volunteer a section of our time in serving people and helping those in need. Reminders around us often help in making us realize how this serves the need of the hour. On that note, we know that other people are most likely to benefit from our volunteering when we choose to do it.


With the commencement of this New Year, students of Shri Shikshayatan College indulged themselves in a resolution of volunteering more often than usual in order to render support to those in need than to kill time at our comfort, under our bed sheets.

iVolunteer celebrated National Volunteering Week from 14th of January to 17th of January 2019 in collaboration with Shri Shikshayatan College.  

On the initial day, Volunteers were guided by their mentors (from iVolunteer) towards their responsibilities, and they were taught about the true essence of “Volunteering”. Later that day they were involved in a survey that was all about menstrual health and hygiene of the women residing in the community. They were given a set of questionnaires and were asked to go to the all the ladies of the families in the community to finish the survey.

This work was carried over till the second day wherein they also observed re-creation of classrooms that was done with the help of students divided in groups. Painting of the external walls, organizing the library and decorating the classroom with the help of charts were all witnessed.

It was difficult to complete wall paintings in one day and therefore on the third day the leftover paintings were completed by giving a final touch to each of them. The library was also cleaned by placing new shelfs and by replacing the unwanted books with new ones.

An eye camp was also organised for the elderly people living in that community by Lions Club. Their eyes were examined to ensure good eye health which was done proficient doctors. These older people were also provided knowledge about a few extremely hazardous eye health issues that gave them a quick idea about how they can combat them if ever encountered. and some eye health issues were taken up and explained to them.

Finally the programmed got over when volunteers finished the wall paintings by bordering the entire painting with black paint and covering up the flaws in the painting made by the dripping drops of colour with the help of white paint. Volunteers were encouraged by Mrs Apsara Guhathakurta (Mrs India Universe Earth 2018). She also Volunteered, painted the wall and spread happiness. 

unnamed (8)

They brought new potted plants along with themselves and then coloured the pots with different colours and made amazing patterns on them to make them look very appealing to the eyes. All the charts which were prepared by them were put up on the walls which made the classroom look amazing. The children were overwhelmed seeing their bright and colourful looking classroom and that wall painting.

A seminar was also held on the menstrual health and hygiene for the women and the girls of that community as after the survey we understood that all were not aware about it. After this volunteers ended their camp with a closing ceremony.

Look for exciting opportunities,

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