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Life through the Lens!

This International Volunteer Day, an army of photographers from Picture Perfect Moments gathered at Topsia Canal Side to capture the miseries, tragedies and hardships these rag pickers have to undergo every day. Members of the team also largely interacted with these persons and interviewed them for a better understanding of their lives.


PPM for society was a resourceful method of celebrating the concept of volunteering for the society wherein team members contributed photo bank to the Association of Rag Pickers, which may assist them for various documentation and presentation purposes. This may further help them raise funds for the noble initiative they contribute by empowering the society of rag pickers.

Volunteering for photography is a rewarding way to contribute to a cause you care about and give back to your community in a meaningful manner. Indeed, we helped a charity with the vital role of engaging supporters and mobilize resources because your time and talent can benefit many underprivileged while giving you valuable experience.


People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons, whether you want to support local community to have a strong voice, to improve social care services in the future or to develop new skills and build on existing experience and knowledge.

With the help of this gathering, we focus on motivating every organisation of any sector, to come forth and contribute their bit so that they can complete their lives with each of them and make a whole.

It is difficult to survive under no roof, with a family of 6 persons and no food. Rag picking may not be the ideal job one ever desires, but it does help us somehow. That is where we find solace.’ said a lady ragpicker from the same community.


Indeed, it was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to cover them and closely feel the miseries they are put through.

Keep Volunteering!

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