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When there is a Will, there is Way!

Volunteering is an art of giving wherein persons share their contributions to benefit the sections that require it most. Today, we are going to introduce you to our valiant finalist in Volunteer Hero category of the iVolunteer Awards 2019, who has shuddered each root of obstacle to support the joys of others, Rajarshi Debnath.


“I Volunteer because as a child whenever I saw children begging, working in small eateries, or as domestic helper, I felt pathetic. I was unable to render assistance to these vulnerable persons due to my reliability on parents and lack of abundant resources which made me feel worse.”, stated Rajarshi.

Rajarshi’s life has undergone a distinctive voyage with numerous Challenges on its way. It is however fair to say, that despite of these awful circumstances and hardships, he did not lose his faith in fostering the development of the needy and bringing an enormous change in their miserable lives.

This has been a life-altering opportunity for Rajarshi that has successfully brought him to stand proudly amidst other Volunteer Heroes of our Award evening and receive felicitation for his undying efforts and sincerity. His aesthetics, passion-driven courage and determination to prove himself, bring a change and provide skills to change lives has created a huge difference alongside innumerable appreciations and praises.

He feels extremely grateful towards iVolunteer and the entire team for creating a platform wherein Volunteers can celebrate themselves and their passion for rewarding.

When there is a Will, there is Way”, this perfectly defines his journey of volunteering. Rajarshi has successfully accomplished his aspiration to make people aware of the Social Evil – Child Sexual Abuse and ways to get rid of the same. Till date Rajarshi and his entire team “Project Baalrakshak” have reached around 5400 nos. of Children in 20 schools.

Indeed, Rajarshi is an exemplary figure of a true Volunteer Hero!

“Together, Let’s Make Our Society Safe for Children”

To Volunteer, sign up at

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