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Clean Equals Clean

Some of us spoil the beauty of places around us while others work hard towards restoring the beauty of such places!

As part of Good Deeds Day, the city of Joy, Kolkata organised a day full of excitement and fun to celebrate and ignite the idea of performing good deeds and spread positivity with the help of volunteers!


The event kicked off with great enthusiasm as 33 volunteers participated to clean the area by collecting litter, which was later disposed of in a safe place away from the crowd. Thus promoting and encouraging the idea of cleanliness in our neighbourhood.

It is not what we say but what we do that creates an impact on the people around us!  A perfect example of this is the number of kids who randomly came aboard to help us clean the area. The idea of the campaign was not to simply do good but to spread enough knowledge through our activity so people can realise that it doesn’t take much to be responsible.


We were stoked to see that our volunteers collected a total of 42 bags which were later dumped in the nearby bins kept at the location.

Volunteers concluded the event by appreciating each other for their participation as it turned out to be a successful day.

It makes us immensely happy to see this act of inspiration and positivity create such a huge impact on the people around us! We concluded the event by appreciating the work done by our volunteers, thanking them for their participation and drive the campaign!



This blog was written by Tanveer Khan and edited by Rahul Varadkar.

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