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Celebrating International Women’s Day with 167 Volunteers

March!!! A very critical month for different population groups – students, companies, chartered accountants etc. If it is examination – a do or die a situation for some then it is the time of the year to look back at mistakes, appraisals, financial closures for others. However, this month also celebrates and recognizes a revolutionary force!

Celebrating International Women’s Day….

March 8th is the International Women’s Day observed by United Nations. It is celebrated globally to appreciate the contribution made by Women to societal development.

Our team at iVolunteer engaged in Volunteering engagements to promote issues and challenges concerning women through training’s, street plays and awareness campaigns led by Volunteers.

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iVolunteer’s Pan India celebration of International Women’s Day with 167 Volunteers. 

A snapshot of iVolunteer’s celebration of International Women’s Day with 167 Volunteers across 7 locations in India.

  • Delhi: Nukkad Natak (Street Play).

17 Volunteers and 25 students volunteers took part in two Nukkad natak (street plays) respectively to sensitive community on issues negatively impacting women and encouraging people to take a stand against it.

  • Kolkata: Fest on Women’s Rights and Self-Defense Workshop for Girl students.

18 Volunteers supported in organizing a women’s awareness fest – Jaago Naari Jago – an initiative of Seva Kendra reaching out to 1000 plus women and 20 plus NGOs.  8 Volunteers trained 150 girls from Arya Vidya Mandir School on self-defense techniques.

  • Mumbai : Messages on Women’s Rights through art.

6 Volunteers painted 10 earthen pots with messages on Women’s rights and distributed them to the community to celebrate both International Women’s Day and World water day.

  • Pune: Awareness session for Women’s Self-help group.

10 Volunteers organized a session on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management for 30 women of a Self-help group engaged in various retail trading.

  • Hyderabad: Public awareness campaign and self-defense workshop for girl students. 

57 Volunteers in total engaged across two distinct activities – awareness campaign in Forum mall and self-defense workshop organised for girls at JSM Home.

  • Chennai: Street play with CWDR.

19 Volunteers performed a street play on laws related to women safety for over 150 women in Center for Women’s Development and Research (CWDR), Thooraipakkam. 

  • Bangalore: Self-defense workshop with Rainbow Home – Jalahalli.

7 Volunteers and 100 Girls at Rainbow Home – Jalahalli interacted through a series of activities – self-defense workshop, worksheets on hygienic practices/ healthy eating and origami.

Total Volunteers expected = 224

Total Volunteers participated = 167

What social impact did we create?

We reached out to more than 1500 people belonging to marginalised communities through our gender sensitization efforts with 167 Volunteers. The community members gained knowledge on issues/ challenges affecting women, laws favourable to women safety and empowerment. Two different sections of society were brought together on a common platform – the frontiers and the marginalised.

Encouraging feedback has been received on our initiatives taken by the Volunteers both by the partnering social organizations and the community.

Here’s what one of volunteer’s shared about his volunteering experiences –

 I have performed in many places along with my team but this has been a new experience for us. This community looks so backward and need lot of empowerment and development. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to celebrate women’s day as well as create awareness on women’s safety. – Bala

Journey ahead…

We look forward to continuing our efforts of encouraging citizens to volunteer on themes relating to issues around us. Next in line is observing Labour Day on May 1st. More information to reach you soon!

You can write to us on (City)

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