Impact Volunteering

This Summer Things Get Solved If You Get Involved

Did you know that over 39% boys & 33% girls dropout from schools before completing their elementary education! Research has also shown that poor academic performance, lack of interest in studies and need for employment to support family could be prime reasons for this trend.

iVolunteer understands that summer vacations are crucial times for children. With so much free time at hand,  they can be exposed to various risk based situations. Therefore, we have designed our new campaign ‘Summer Volunteering Program’ that will enable you to  create a fun, learning atmosphere this summer with the support of volunteers.

With volunteers to offer a power packed mix of fun activities including  music, dance, art, football, public speaking and chess. You can ensure that each child thoroughly learnt a thing or two in summer.  Better yet,  share your plan and let us help you with the right volunteer instructor.

All you have to do is sign-up with us and follow  the below steps  and our volunteers will help mold these young minds into changemakers.

untitled-infographic (1)

Register Now!

Still have doubts read FAQs here.

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