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We did it!

We served the Volunteering Engagement Celebration with what we are pioneered in; as Volunteering is one of the best ways to learn and put hands on a project.

To mark the activity memorable and impactful, team Seva Kendra Calcutta has designed low cost solar lighting solution to disadvantaged households through a responsible and sustainable approach in which Volunteer put in their effort to assemble it and these solar lanterns made out of used bottles go beyond meeting a need for lighting and will enable people to read, study, work and do house labor talks while saving costs on the use of kerosene and providing better health, environmental and education conditions.

IMG-20160311-WA0050  IMG-20160311-WA0027  IMG-20160311-WA0018

The activity has been planned at Seva Kendra Calcutta’s Rain Water Harvesting Shelter named BISTI. There was excitement all round. It begins with welcome speech by Dev Fr Franklin Menezes, director of SKC. Formal introduction by the solar team about the activity was given to the Volunteers and without any delay; 18 Volunteers and 5 beneficiaries began with what they were believed to do. Team Solar has made all the possible to make the Volunteers understand about the making; be it cutting the bottle, assembling wire, placing the circuit board and LED, painting the bottle etc. Volunteers did absolute justice to the task.

Due to time constraint, we made the model and all the 30 lamps need little expertise by the solar team as it will be further donated to the village people of Midnapore.

Over an all, the activity was excellent, loved the energy of Volunteers. It ended on a happy note that the solar lantern are prepared by them.

Happy Volunteering!

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