Corporate Social Responsibility

Take the opportunity to help the community.

Did you Know that over 39% boys & 33% girls dropout from schools before completing their elementary education! Research has also shown that Poor academic performance, lack of interest in studies and need for employment to support family could be prime reasons of this trend.

But you as a citizen can help change this, come equip these young minds to do more!

This Summer vacations,

Spare a few hours,

Engage young minds,

Create a lasting impact.

How? Well, glad you asked!  Presenting our very own Summer Camp!

Tell us about your skill set it could be across random streams such as Music, Dance, Art, football, Public speaking, chess, quelling or even singing etc.

Based on your forte, We will help you engage a few children and captivate these young minds! We want to ensure that each child has thoroughly learnt a thing or two at his camp. Better yet, give us your suggestions and We will try our very best to inculcate it.

All you have to do is Sign-up with us and Volunteer to help mold these young minds into Changemakers between 15th April  2016 to 30th May 2016.

Volunteer-SVP- New
Be a Mentor for Good, Register Today!

Still have doubts read FAQs here.

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