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Entering the Door of Opportunities


On Saturday, 23rd of January, 4th floor of Modi chamber witnessed a unique event of volunteering and became the most happening and interactive place to exchange skills, passion, hope, energy and much more. This unique event was organized by iVolunteer where skilled volunteers from different walks of life came together and worked on a number of NGO projects continuously for 5 hours. Thus successfully ensuring they made a social impact with their skills.IMG_6871

There was a lot that went into making this event possible, the momentum took full swing when our passionate team started working and were always on their toes. And finally the time for Skill Marathon appeared and the wall clock stuck 9 and thus opened the doors for our Skill Marathon Volunteers and NGO representatives.  The team was visibly anxious, tensed, hopeful and joyous at the same time. We were all eager to start the event which in its nature was very different from our previous volunteering engagements. Our aim was to complete 20 NGO projects on that single day with a list of efficient volunteers enrolled.

With a host of exciting faces coming in, smiles were exchanging and good vibes started building up. The Skill Marathon had started and within a short span of time, the place was filled with NGO persons, and volunteers interacting with each other, putting their queries, collecting information and building the mood.  It was great to see the two groups of Volunteers and NGOs converse as they wonderfully took the partnership to the next level.

With each passing smile and completion of projects, our confidence had begun to rise and we were hopeful of this kind of volunteering model that also brought notable social impact.

IMG_6836Skill Marathon was a huge success as we not only completed the projects but we also undertook the task of bringing different creative/skilled people together under one roof, building relations, associations and possibilities way beyond that space & time. As an organizer, I strongly feel that there should be more such events that help increase the reach and impact of Volunteering.

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