Corporate Social Responsibility

Hangover of Skill Marathon!


Its been 5 days since we hosted the ‘Skill Marathon’ but my colleagues and I have been recovering from what we call as a hangover of Skill Marathon. The  emails and calls from volunteers and NGOs appreciating our efforts are still flowing, making us cling to the memory of day.


23rd January  was a day of verdict for all our efforts of implementing a unique skill based volunteering model.  Unique because of the wide variety of projects and skills that the volunteers and NGOs were bringing to the table as opposed to a common skill theme running in hack-a-thon or create-a-thon. As we inched closer to the Skill Marathon, each day added equally to our excitement and anxiety. A project added would call for a round of applause and each volunteer drop out would give us bad dreams. Literally!


We witnessed lot of incidences of kindness by people  present on the day which was completely unexpected. Sameer who was seeking volunteers  for  Shop for Change volunteered for another NGO Srujna to provide inputs for their products, our photography competition ‘Click the Change’ award winner Esha Shirke whom we had invited to felicitate on the day insisted on contributing to  a skill based project on the spot.  Our own team member Vijay stepped-in to complete a newsletter design template when one of participating volunteer didn’t turn up.


We achieved deliverables for 17 projects out of 19 that were planned to be completed on that day thanks to the dedication of volunteers, NGOs and lot of people behind the scene.

A special thanks to Xperience Powerhouse who was  generous to offer their space, internet,other amenities for free along with their readiness to help in any capacity.

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