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Nowadays, most of the parents will advise their children to focus only on studies and not to get distracted by other activities like movies, sports etc. From their point of view education is the only thing in this world which will decide their career and drive them to the top. I certainly disagree with that, Even I have completed B tech in one of the toughest universities in India, that doesn’t mean I didn’t allocate my time to Extra-curricular activities, Apart from my studies I have refreshed my mind by playing Chess, Shuttle, Computer games, watching movies, reading novels and chatting with friends. God has given this age to do whatever you feel like doing, when you recollect after many years, the things which you enjoyed will give you more pleasure rather than your semester results or presentations which you did to complete your college forcedly and get settled.


He is an excellent writer and awesome public speaker who holds a degree in IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmadabad has delivered above statement. This shows how we need to manage time efficiently to lead a perfect life. So this time I have decided to use my volunteering time to entertain those lovely children through Games, Quizzes by doing simple things.

They get very excited when I enter Rainbow homes campus and shout in chorus “Hi Anna epdi irukkinga? “, Even I wish them back with a smile and feel to make them happy with my presence. First planned to teach my favorite game Chess, so asked them to sit in a circular way and incited one of them to bring chess board with coins. For each and every child, I taught them the rules, movements and tips for how to proceed in a difficult situation. Many people can think why this type of difficult games should be taught to little kids, the reason is from the young age they will have the capability to think, plan and learn a strategy for game as well as for their life. Though our pride Vishwanath Anand represents India throughout the world, this game should be given more importance all over India for its development and growthImage.

After teaching chess, I moved on to conduct Quiz by reciting small stories and asking questions related to that. I gave chance to all the students to tell the answer one by one to avoid any discrimination. I encouraged them to participate actively and promised them to give some chocolates if they answer it correctly.


ImageAt the end of my session, I bought a Box full of chocolates and distributed to all the children including staff @ rainbow homes. They all greeted me with a smile, that satisfaction or contentment we got by offering others the good things you have is real happiness, Rewards or awards will not be equal to this happiness. So try to serve or share others with whatever god has given to you. Whenever time permits I will offer my time and energy to do volunteering and will continue to deliver my level best.

Blog by: Sampath(TCS Chennai), Active volunteer,iVolunteer.


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