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The ‘Big Heart’ of Volunteering

Yesterday, I had the chance to witness the Annual day of Ashwini Charitable Trust (ACT) , a non governmental organization that educates and empowers underprivileged children from urban slums in Bangalore. Not just any annual day but their 15th Annual Day…15 years of service in Bangalore started with 9 children and currently supporting 300+ through their programme.

It was an inspiring two hours to see their mission ‘ Not only to sponsor children’s education but also support them till they are gainfully employed’ come alive on stage with their children who joined their programme 14 years ago, ( now young adults) working as teachers or working for various corporate houses and so thrilled to be a part of the Ashwini Family.

As part of the festivities, children sang, danced and shared their self defence skills through Karate among other performances. The confidence, the attitude and the oomph of owning the stage took my heart away! ACT recognized students who excelled in academics and other fields, awarded their families particularly mothers for taking an active part in the education and extra curricular activities of the children.

ACT being a completely volunteer driven organization used the platform to recognize individuals and organizations that have been volunteering for the cause of education. Several individuals and corporates including Hyatt, Thomson Reuters, The Taj group and NGO U&I that supports ACT through 200+ college student volunteers who coach students each week were recognized. It was amazing to see children recognize and cheer for those annas and akkas!

iVolunteer also won a ‘Big Heart’ medal for having facilitated 124 volunteers from a corporate for a day long volunteer engagement where we revamped a Government School adopted by the Ashwini Charitable Trust in 2014.


Classrooms were painted, the garden was completely renovated and a few educational materials were handmade on the day to be used by teachers as teaching aid. A few pictures from the employee volunteer engagement are below to give you a glimpse of volunteer power!

With ACT ensuring maintenance of the garden, there are fruits and flowers in this Government School!

Garden NOW!

All in all, a Sunday well spent with inspiration to last me a lifetime!

One reply on “The ‘Big Heart’ of Volunteering”

Volunteering means for me a big hearted person who helps others without taking anything from them excluding a big smile. Ashwini Charitable Trust (ACT) is one of the great organizations, it is good to hear that you were there.


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