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Meet Ramesh: An Operations Professional strengthening Non-Profits

Volunteer with GYAN and Impact Projects
Volunteer with GYAN and Impact Projects

Ramesh M.V, an Operations Professional, based in Delhi, is an engineer+MBA with more than 12 years of a typical ‘corporate life’ experience.  While most of his working life was spent in the TATA group (well-known for its philanthropic efforts), his direct role in such activities was limited to a single three-month project in rural Gujarat.

“I always felt that I should be doing more in life than just earning a salary and living off it, but somehow never got around to doing it – until I came across iVolunteer” he says.

With iVolunteer, Ramesh first volunteered as a trainer for a GYAN session on Excel skills after which he involved himself in an Impact project with Ashish Foundation for the Differently Abled (AFDA) where, along with another Impact Volunteer,  he helped build a project proposal and business plan for the organization’s thrift store. The Feedback from Geeta (Founder & Director, AFDA): “This is wonderful!  I have no words to thank you for this. Really value and appreciate your effort.”

While talking about his experience Ramesh feels that so far it has been very fulfilling. “I have had the opportunity to meet some great people doing some incredible work, and to see the dedication and drive of these people makes me feel that I can and should be doing a lot more. Everyday there is news all around us about things going wrong and people doing all sorts of bad things, but when I started volunteering I could see that there are a lot more people out there trying to do good.
Ramesh taking a GYAN Session on Excel Skills
Ramesh taking a GYAN Session on Excel Skills

I also realized that the social sector is fast becoming more ‘professional’ in its working, so a lot of the skills learnt in a corporate setting can be quite helpful. In fact, while trying to apply regular ‘corporate’ concepts to non-corporate situations (for instance, how to measure performance), one does learn a lot in the process.”

Ramesh feels that the best thing about Impact Projects is its structure, in that it helps people like him (who cannot take out long stretches of time in one go) contribute to society in some way thus benefitting the social sector with more skills.

Ramesh’s advice for Impact Volunteers:

“While everyone begins volunteering with the intention to help, I think the expectations you have in the beginning can make or break your experience. One should realise that it is not always that you will see your efforts bring change immediately. It can be very slow change that happens, and it may take a long time to see sizeable impact. But that does not mean that the contributions were not vital – every small effort goes a long way in bringing about change.

So be patient, don’t be discouraged easily, have faith in the process and give it your best shot!”

Ramesh is currently  working on his second Impact Project – A marketing strategy and fund-raising plan for an organisation that works with underprivileged children. He also volunteers as a weekend Maths teacher for them.

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By Rubitah Mathew

Just an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams, passionate about bringing a change in any small way.

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