Impact Volunteering

iVolunteer…Bridging to Connect

“My relationship with ‘iVolunteer’ started with an acquaintance referring me to the ‘Volunteer Management Workshop’ conducted by ‘iVolunteer’, nearly a year ago.

Connecting…NGO is designed as a volunteer based organization, where the distress/suicide helpline, the School Peer Education Program, Support to Survivors of Suicide etc. are implemented by trained volunteers.  When I newly joined the organization, I was the only employee with the organization, and my past program implementation experiences have been with employee based organisations.  I struggled to understand how we could consistently implement programs with volunteer support.    The Volunteer Management Workshop gave me key insights into the ‘how’ of working with volunteers.

The ‘White Board’ program implemented by iVolunteer has helped ‘Connecting’ to connect with key resource people from around India, with whom I could reflect together about the various developments that were happening at Connecting.  This included publicizing the helpline and support services, personnel management and strategies for organizational growth.

More recently, iVolunteer has been helping us find key resource people for writing website content, translation of resource material and publicity to Connecting helpline numbers, writing articles for publicity of the helpline through their initiative – ‘Impact Volunteering’.

We feel we can implement deeper programs with the support of volunteers in the days to come and the support of iVolunteer will be a key factor in making this happen.”

Bobby Zachariah

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