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Volunteer Reflections – This experience has given me a great opportunity to explore my abilities – Rizwan Khan, Kolkata

Rizwan Khan is an Event Executive at Aakash events and promotion, Kolkata. Since the last two and a half years he has been volunteering with iVolunteer, using his skills to make our events more successful in terms of planning and execution. He is an intelligent volunteer with lots of passion to serve the society; he is the one who made our events more successful in terms of planning and execution.

Read what he feels about volunteering –

Everyday new day is another chance to bring smile, joy and happiness – This quote always inspire me to do a bit for humanity, sometime I stands as a teacher for underprivileged, a companion for elderly or an unpaid assistant to humanity. So far my journey was stupendous and triumph. From the very school time we encompass to contribute our time and affianced in teaching few kids on every Saturday after schools hours; at that tip of time I was unaware that my little contribution can make an impact or difference to somebody’s life.

Long three years back I came to know about iVolunteer and I attended first orientation session which was designed by them to encourage people for a social change and these 3 hours have changed my concept about volunteering and the most I liked “Do’s and Don’ts” session. Being as a volunteer we ought to follow the standard of organisation as well as curb. My initial volunteering practice as a volunteer of iVolunteer was started during JGW where we affianced ourselves in making sandwiches for the slum children; truly it was an awesome experience. I must admit that iVounteer is podiums where one gets ample of opportunities matching his/hers skills and I were guided by the right opportunity; second time was for youths where I stood as mentor for them.

Volunteering for LPSH   Recently, iVolunteer has introduced new initiative called impact volunteering and          through this I’m able to measure the impact and the hours donated by me. Now I’m  volunteering for GES and my roles and responsibilities are to promote the organisation  in and on ground as it’s a small organisation – people are not much aware about the  work or the cause supported by them. I had a successful opening in this opportunity  where in the last month I succeed to organized “Donate for a cause campaign” and we  received more or less 200 notebooks and some stationeries within a week through  different individual and we also received umbrellas and raincoats for 50 children’s from one of the corporate which was linked by me. Now the team of GES is set for JGW. Couples of volunteers of iVolunteer like me are supporting GES in creating branding and communication material and soon we’ll launch new brochure and newsletter. I’m happy to support this organisation as PR and building strong relation with all the stake holders and at the same time it has been a great learning for me.

I must convey my thanks to all the volunteers who are supporting my organisation, it’s a small organisation who work for a betterment future of underprivileged children as we are in the beginning phase we intend to look forward to so many young heads coming towards volunteering for our organisation to create an impact. I’m very happy with kind of service received by iVolunteer and it’s volunteer – Says Md Jahangir [President of GES]

Sharing and putting all my experience into words actually a better chance to recall all cheerful memories. I’m looking forward to experience such more opportunities in near future. Thank you.

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