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Gyan Training on Project Management for NGO’s – 4th July 2013

iVolunteer conducted  GYAN training Gyan Training on “Project Management for NGO’s” on the 4th July 2013. There we 7 participants with 4 new NGO’s who attended GYAN training for the first time.  Our trainer was Mr.Sivaram Athmakuri who is a project management consultant with 16 years of experience in IT field. He is a certified management professional by Duke University USA.

The session was very informative as the trainer shared lot of examples from simple projects which made the participants to apply the same techniques in their projects. The participants appreciated the training topics on PERT, CPM ,Cost and Risk management.

The feedbacks of the participants are shared as below:

Sunitha Joe ( Coordinator / Senior Social Worker)– Christ Faith Home

The most valuable thing that was learnt was cost management. The overall experience was effective and informative.

S.L.Ramesh Babu ( City Head) – Sevalaya

The most valuable thing was cost Management. The overall experience was it was very interactive session.

K.Priya –( Associate Manager Training) Voluntary Health Service

Valuable thing learnt was PERT/CPM.Time management,Risk management. Positive an negative risk an constraints,Scope management. Overall it was felt that we could more concentration because of limited participants open for participatory learning.Good Faculty.

A.B.Kingston – ( Centre Head) Sevalayaa

The most valuable thing that was learnt was HR Management. Overall Experience was good.

A.Yesu Raj ( Project oFficer)– Ekam Foundation

Valuable thing was Risk Management and Stakeholder management. It was a small group and easy to concentrate on topics.

Mr Francis Xavier ( Founder)- Rural Community Trust. 

All the sessions very valuable especially cost Management. Valuable thing was experience sharing.

Mr.Chezian – Director – Mercy Social Trust

How to handle Projects. Session was good.

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