The Volunteer ME

Little did I know the journey I  began 13 years ago would alter my perspective and re define the  path that I took in my life. Unaware of the word Volunteering I began with collecting as little as 50 Rs from the neighbors and relatives to contribute for Quake that Shook Gujarat and that was my beginning.

For few years I have been on and off the volunteering grid and finally in 2011 I came across I-volunteer in an attempt to start volunteering in a constructive way.

I was an aimless but willing to contribute kind of a person who would reply at threads of Requirements posted by various NGOs, I would send emails to shortlisted NGOs I stumbled upon while Go-ogling  and while doing this I got an email from I volunteer team proposing to attend the initial workshop and the aimless soul seen to have got the path and that was it , the 2nd start of my hopefully NEVER to end Beautiful  Journey  that would one day define me.

My first event after getting associated with I-volunteer was Christmas day celebration at OM ASHRAM, I always always wanted to be part of an Old Age home family as i knew how it is to have your grandparents, the smile they get when they see you , the happiness they derive in sharing a meal with you ,I lived with mine till their last breath and I was truly the blessed one to have them in my life, they gave me the best lessons that cannot be found in books. The event got me back to my world of beautiful grannies and gave me inspiration to learn Kannada ( I could talk to only 2 of them while I wanted to chatter with all of them). I ended up celebrating my birthday there.I have also been associated with  Make a wish foundation and taking few kids to Wonder la as part for wish fulfillment, want to join?

The experience has been divine ,the joy I derived after talking to the grannies ,seeing those kids smile  n say ” thank you akka”  , the love I felt when those little girls embraced me at the Rainbow home , the comfort I got when grannies asked me if I am happy cannot be compounded through words. When I am at any of the events I smile , it comes naturally, it nurtures my soul.

The kids , the grannies , people you volunteer for, they would love you the way you never thought existed ,you wouldn’t feel you are meeting them for the first time , you will find your 2nd and 3rd family and while you  do this you will  discover about your self , the people around us and see the beauty that lies within each of them , it molds you  into a better person

I still don’t feel I have made any change or contributed in a way that could affect somebody’s life , I believe I have a long way to go but I have marked a beginning. Once you  find the path and you are passionate about it there is no looking back , there would be obstacles, days when you would feel lazy , days when you might have to miss an event because of some unavoidable situation, its alright , it happens ,it would just remind you that you need to be more passionate and driven.

This world is beautiful , you need to be a part of it to experience it

With this I would like to welcome you to the world of volunteering  where  you will be showered with Love, Happiness and Content.

Rashmi is a volunteer and through this has shared her volunteering experiences.

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