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GYAN- Showing signs of Impact

Deepa Bajaj

Get Your Answers Now (GYAN) workshops of iVolunteer are focused on building the skills of professionals in the development sector. Each session is customized to the needs of individual participants so that the participants can apply the learning on the job. Child Survival India, a well respected Non Profit in Delhi has been a regular participant for GYAN. Chief Executive at Child Survival India, Deepa Bajaj, shares her experience about these sessions and their impact.

How did you get to know about GYAN sessions?
Through Call and email from  iVolunteer.

How many employees from your organization have attended such sessions? Please give few names of ht sessions attended.

Seven employees up to now have attended session on, Use of Excel, Effective Power point presentations, managing employees, Lesson Planning & activity based learning

Did the participants get the opportunity to apply the learning to their day to day work? If so, please share some instances where you observed some change/impact on their work due to the learning’s from the session?

Yes to some extent participants have put the learning’s to use.

e.g I attended session on performance appraisal, realized its importance , now trying to develop performance management system for the organization through the whiteboard panel.

Also seen some improvement and awareness in the team members on the kind of presentations they make.

Will you recommend GYAN sessions to others in the sector? If so Why?

Yes, I would surely recommend as the sessions are tailored to the needs of the sector and there is an opportunity for cross sharing and learning between the NGOs too. Also we get the opportunity to get advice and learn from professionals who are doing well in corporate, the kind of resource people we may not be able to otherwise afford as NGO.

Additional comments?

A good effort.,
A suggestion:

Try and organize a residential program for 3-5 days for NGO leadership where some of these sessions can be organized by your resource panel. We need time to reflect and focus on these issues but fail to do so because get  so tied down by day to day issues.

One reply on “GYAN- Showing signs of Impact”

yes, it is a good idea to have a residential program. we need to find a low cost model using resdential school like Sevalaya in Chennai..
Friday morning start to Sunday evening end to cover basics of management like Operations, HR, Finance, Marketing ( Fund raising), compliance….
This could be for CEO, COOs of the NGOs, we can bring corporate experts in Each field…

it might be worth while to experiment in one city to see how it works…


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