Volunteering Volunteering in India

One size doesn’t fit all

iVolunteer has been working to promote volunteering for the last 8 years or so. One shift that we have seen is that NGOs have now some very specific requirement of volunteers. For us this means a fundamental shift in our work as a volunteering promoting organisation.

The kind of volunteers that we have been getting is also getting very diverse. No longer the volunteers are young, college going students who are looking to do good and gain some experience. Increasingly young professionals, people looking to make a career in the social sector and senior corporate sector executives  are looking to volunteer.

More and more we are recognizing the need to develop customised be- spoke volunteering matches. Programs like ” Whiteboard” are examples of our effort to make it happen.

The other approach is to move away from traditional job placements. Instead provide the flexibility to volunteers and NGOs to and develop a meaningful engagement.

We are re-inventing ourselves. Watch this space for more updates.



By Rahul Nainwal

Rahul Nainwal, Co founder iVolunteer
Co-Founder India Fellow social leadership program
Co-Founder, UnLtd Delhi

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