How to post on this blog

This is a public blog platform for staff and volunteers of iVolunteer. This blog is also open to anyone who wants to share their volunteering experiences. In order to request a username for posting on this blog please send a email to

Once we receive the email we will send you the invite. The actual invite will come from Please do check your spam folders to make sure you get the email.

Now click on activate invite- you will be taken to wordpress site where you will need to register. You can register a blog too if you like though most people just register a username and password. Once done please click on activate link on the email again and you will be taken to a dashboard where under your name/username ” ivolunteer” will appear.

Any post that you submit will come up for review- we will not edit the content but make sure that the abusive content is not posted. We have to play this role because its an official iVolunteer blog.  I hope you understand.


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