Mother Nature..

By Sridevi and Shashi, Bangalore

Mother Nature and her abundant diversity

Humans and their notorious incompatibility  

She is the Mother Perfect. Mother Nature nurtures all her progeny & posterity with equal love and affection. Her colossal womb is the abode to infinite, indefinite, innocent, abundant, broods. Her children are so diverse, so different.  Some are mammoths, some are microbes, and some are stationary and sedentary, but some other is mobile and movable.  

Some slither like snakes, crawl like Caterpillars, run like roaches, flitter like bees, fly like moths, squirm like, wriggle like larvae, hop line hopper, spin like whirligigs, strike like mantis, march like ants, swim like fish, jump like a frog, scamper like a mouse, frisk like a lamb, climb like a monkey, soar like a lark, glide like an eagle, waddle like a goose, strut like a hen, hover like a hawk, wander like a crow, jog like a donkey, trot like a fox, gallops like a horse, prowl like a lion, 

Some of our siblings from Mother Nature live in water and they are called aquatic, some of them live on ground and they are called terrestrial, some live in trees and they are called arboreal, some live beneath the ground and they are called fossorial, some in air and they are called aerial. All her children are so distinct and indefinite in numbers. They are siblings from the same womb and are so abundant and also innocent. They all live for themselves and are bound to be interdependent. 

All of them are equal hires from the same mother, and all hold equal rights to live on this magnificent earth with relative spaces to occupy for themselves. This unique habitable planet in this universe is meant for co existence. All the living beings in this earth should share their space and coincide.

But… we human race caught in a race to the so called future, forgot our benevolent & magnanimous Mother Nature and our siblings from the same womb. We denied other living beings their space & time. 

She, as a Mother provided us food to devour, air to inhale, water to stay alive and this astonishing atmosphere to make this world livable for us to live happily. But we plundered and ransacked the resources, blemished and vandalized the elegance; we dishonored her integrity…..

Humans are greedy, selfish & materialistic. We humans think everything the mother nature provides is only meant to us and to be consumed by us. We never recognized that each miniscule component among the flora and fauna of this planet earth has every right to live and flourish. We never respected or valued the fellow living beings and were always aggressive and invasive. Due to this hostile nature of humans, countless species have vanished from the face of earth forever. We have some what reached a point of no return and now we have experiencing a kind of backlash from the nature. 

At present, we Human Beings are in a chaotic and tumultuous situation. We are passing through the most unfavorable & hazardous times. Now we should recognize this situation as a stern warning from the environment. It’s a wakeup call to whole mankind to go back to Mother Nature; rectify our mistakes, redress the problems, repair and restore the errors done, revive and retrieve the nature, rejuvenate her health, revamp and reclaim her exhausted & reduced glory.

Mother Nature & her distinct, indefinite, abundant kids should refurbish and overhaul their relationships among themselves and should co-exist. 

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