Corporate Social Responsibility

Initiative for awareness on Environment

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.”
The current scenario suffices the same and we pledge to make it different here onwards.

Plastic pollution is a worldwide issue, with the use of plastics at the forefront. Use of plastics are a problem due to their mass consumption, incorrect disposal and long life cycle – ushered by the global disposables culture.
Looking at the impact that the plastics has been creating on environment, iVolunteer Pune initiated two campaigns in the month of February in order to reduce plastics and replace it with paper bags in order to save environment. 

With the vision of saving environment and removing plastics. Along with JeevitNadi Team, we organized a #NoPlastic Campaign at Ram Mula Confluence (Jeevitnadi Adopt A Stretch), Aundh-Baner Link Road. 20 Volunteers joined Hands on 15 Feb 2020 to remove the plastics that have been polluting the river. 15 Bags of Litters was collected. The river has given us a lot and now its time for us to give her back.

We conducted a #NoPlastic campaign was done in a Government school New English Madhyamic Vidyalay where students and volunteers together made 500 paper bags and took out a rally to create awareness on the harmful impact plastic is making on environment and distributed the paper bags to the vendors.
50 Volunteers along with the students participated in the activity. 

Volunteer said “I understood the harmful impact on the environment and making paper bags gave me the opportunity to make a difference”

iVolunteer in different cities is also taking similar initiatives to spread awareness in the society by doing different social activities like iVolunteer Delhi did Plantation drive , sessions on e waste management, planters making with discarded bottles and paper bag making with old news papers, iVolunteer Bangalore did Tree plantation, Recycling plastic, Plog run, iVolunteer Mumbai did Beach Clean Up, Paper Bag Making, making usable products from Bamboo tree.

Being a leader to both the initiatives gave me the privilege to work towards “A safer environment”. I sometimes imagine, if all the youths of the nation turn up for the #cleanups and #NoPlastic initiatives, the world would be a much better place to breathe. I loved doing my bit and will continue doing it to inspire many to take up such initiative in their leadership. 🙂

By Sangya123

I am an Entrepreneur, Leader, Traveler, Explorer, Orator, Dancer, Loquacious!

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