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My First Employee Volunteering Experience

It is true what they say about the developmental sector, your KRA’s are just not achieved to make you happy but along the way, you add happiness to many others. You’ve created an impact not just on yourself but you have somewhere delivered the same level of affection on a larger audience.

Been at iVolunteer for some time over a month, I got to experience and conduct my first employee volunteering program between a Corporate organization and a community of women from the lower socio-economic groups of the society who make a living through stitching, painting and making handicraft items. The employee volunteers of the corporate went all the way to the community to educate the women on the how to open a bank account and the importance of the same along with the power of investments. The volunteers sat with the women not as teachers but as their own friends who would exchange not just knowledge on financial literacy but also exchange ideas and thoughts on life. With sheer patience and hard work put in by the volunteers which was very evident, they delivered a splendid session. The bond created in those two hours brought by two completely different groups ignited an affection which was immeasurable.


The cherry on the cake came 3 days later. I was sitting in the corporate office and I was amazed to see two women from the same community. These women had recently attended a bakery workshop and this Corporate was ready to give them their first real break of taking up orders and baking for every employee’s birthday.

Truly, my first experience of Employee Volunteering was nothing but filled with empathy and motivation towards my job extending that ray of hope for the society. Coming from the developmental sector, this was my first real experience where I had the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’s’ together like nothing but real friends.


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