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Art of Photography by Mayank Giria

While a massive amount of entrepreneurs are striving to pave their ways for diverse domains of career, many are driven by the creative concept of capturing life through the lens: Photography. Scopes are getting broader by the day which is why the profession is being able to attract more attention. However, it is not sufficient to hold adequate passion without much training in the same.

Therefore, iVolunteer hosted a session on “Learn the art of photography” by Mayank Giria, Founder and Co-owner of Picture Perfect Moments, the youngest photography venture in Kolkata. The session was specially designed for the community youths to instill the subtle art of photography in collaboration with Adore India


Mayank embarked upon the session with a brief introduction of himself to a total audience of 20 who were as enthusiastic about learning the art of photography as he was about to training them. Speaking of himself, he trucked his speech towards a discussion about his venture where he narrated the purpose, struggles, ambitions and accomplishments of his company. He told us about his journey as a photographer from a mere schoolboy in Don Bosco School Liluah to a proud founder of the renowned venture that aspires to deliver to their clients a top quality service in addition with an incredible quantity of photographs at an affordable rate.

In the second segment, he spoke about the various photography ethics that are necessary to indulge in before choosing photography as a career. He also briefed us on the basics of photography through a power point presentation explaining the uses and elements of exposure, shutter speed, Aperture and ISO.


Towards the end of the session, Mr. Giria was felicitated for his stimulating knowledge in photography and inculcating its briefs into his trainees.

Conducting the session on “Learn the art of Photography” has been one wonderful experience. I brace my fortune for having been given this overwhelming opportunity by iVolunteer and for believing in me and my passion. Also, I am most grateful to the audience in the session for their gracious interaction with me. You were all lovely says Mayank Giria

In a synopsis, “Learn the art of photography has been a most galvanizing event leaving the audience in all praises of it.


Keep Volunteering and inspiring!

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