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How 17 Volunteers could feed 541 needy people in a day….

17 Volunteers got together today (2nd October 2017) to prepare 541 sandwiches in a matter of 3 hours in Bangalore. Simple ingredients such as safety equipment, coordination, punctuality and of course breads, healthy fillings made it happen!

Our leader volunteer – Shilpi Sanyal took the responsibility of making all the arrangements required for preparing the sandwiches and was kind enough to offer space at her residence for the volunteers to make all the action happen.

We joined hands with Robin Hood Army (Bangalore Chapter) who came not with their bows and arrows but sincerity and enthusiasm to participate in the volunteering activity.

We started about 11 am for buttering the breads and slowly volunteers starting joining in. Yummy fillings of potato mix, cucumber slices and pudina chutney followed suit. There was also an assortment of mixed jam and cheese sandwiches. As the sandwiches kept getting ready they were packed in cartons.

A short coffee break energized the volunteers to prepare the remaining sandwiches and pack them all. This was followed by some lighter moments of taking a group picture and showing our solidarity towards the cause of volunteering for needy communities.

Now came the distribution drive of personally handing over the yummy sandwiches to needy children, families living in slums, streets. A good 2.5 hours was spent in distributing the sandwiches at 4 different locations in Vasant Nagar slum community, Cantonment Railway, Kamnahalli and Lingarajpuram.

Happy smiles on children’s and families made the day for the Volunteers. Special Thanks to Shilpi Sanyal, Uday Singh, Abhishek Singh and his dedicated volunteers from Robin Hood Army in Bangalore who made this volunteering activity into a reality from a simple idea of making sandwiches.

Here’s to Daan Utsav celebrations 2017 and may the Volunteer spirit across the country spread more smiles in this festival of giving.


(Seva Sandwich is a flagship programme of iVolunteer and is being organized in  Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore as part of Daan Utsav celebrations 2017. If you wish to host/ participate in a Seva Sandwich activity then please reach us – (city)



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