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Artwork with (Pro)Active citizens!

IMG_6744Nice initiative, it (makes) city look great. Good for children to get involved in improving infrastructure. They get to know the importance. – Siddhu

It is my first time for a painting (engagement), it was nice and good initiative. Nice support from people too.  – Sarath


A cloudy Sunday with some sunshine in the afternoon brought together the residents in HSR layout to play with bright colours.

A short flashback: Due to weather uncertainty, I wasn’t sure whether we would go ahead with the Artwork on Sunday (11th June 2017). Two weeks back we had a big volunteering engagement with one of our Corporate partners at an NGO in HSR Layout. The volunteers painted the primary school and engaged in artwork on the school compound wall. However, due to heavy rains the previous evening we couldn’t take up the art work on the exterior compound wall of the NGO office. We planned to complete it in the following weeks.

A quick start: As soon the Artist confirmed his availability for Sunday to complete the pending artwork, time was short to call for Volunteers. Only a handful of volunteers who lived nearby were invited so that in case of sudden rains they could easily return home. But Mother Nature had its own course of action!

Volunteer mobilization with Pro-active citizens:  It just began with the Artist sketching and a personal invitation given to local residents who were passing by. Residents were cheerfully accepting the invitation and ensured they would bring in their families.

Volunteers gradually started joining in and we had around 16 volunteers who contributed to completing the artwork! Curious residents were stopping to inquire about the activity and volunteer. The weather also seemed to be in our favour with the sun rays being less harsh. One of the resident volunteers kindly offered us some juices and drinking water in appreciation of our work. Had no words to thank his generosity!

The little volunteers were enthusiastic with colours and the nearby lamppost got a face-lift. One even took home a pair of newly painted colourful shoes.

The artwork activity became a huge success with the residents of HSR Layout being pro-active to spend their Sunday afternoon with colours.

Do you want to engage in similar programs and bring a change! Please reach us (City) for more details.

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